Our members pursue many areas of the fine arts and fine crafts including stained glass, watercolor, oil, pen and ink, photography, jewelry making, quilting and other fabric arts, ceramics, pastels, batik, and acrylics. The Art League of Germantown is comprised of professional and amateur artists and crafters and all those who love the visual arts.

Welcome to New Members

Kellie Gilchrist - Oil, Mixed Media

Elizabeth Elgin - Oil, Acrylic

Joanne Bleichner - Oil

Sheryl Walker - Fabric

Leonid Bendersky - Oil

Marcia Lackland - Photography, Paper Craft

Tamara Moran - Acrylic, Charcoal

One of our members says this about the Art League of Germantown:

"I first joined 6 years ago. I had a large circle of artist friends and resources in my former hometown, but when we moved I had no one with whom to talk "shop." Being an artist can sometimes be an isolated existence, and sharing ideas and resources, asking questions, getting feedback is necessary not only to continue but also to grow.

I joined the Art League of Germantown, and the variety of programs presented and mediums used by our members kept me coming back. Within our group is a wealth of talent and generosity. Do you need the services of a terrific graphic designer? We have one! Would your parents love a pencil or oil portrait of your children? We have several portrait artists. Have you always wanted to learn stained glass making, how to draw better, how to paint in pastel, oil, watercolor, colored pencil? We have members who teach classes in and near Germantown. Have you ever considered having quality reproductions made of your work, or selling greeting cards or your paintings? Some members have extensive experience in these areas. Would you like to take your art from avocation to vocation? Several members have done this with success.

The chance to exhibit your artwork is always one of the most important things to an artist, and the Art League of Germantown provides this opportunity. All members are welcomed to participate, and we all enjoy the variety that this presents. Growth... stretching your artistic limits... attempting something new... and especially friendship...the art league provides the opportunity for all of these."

After attending two regular monthly meetings, submit a check payable to ALOG along with a completed membership form (available from the Membership Chairperson) to the Membership Chairperson at a monthly meeting. Both the membership form and check must be submitted together.

  • Individual - $30.00
  • Family - $40.00
  • Individual Senior Citizen (age 65+) - $20.00
  • Senior Citizen Family (2 members 65+) - $30.00
  • Student (18 with student ID) - $20.00

Membership Requirements: Members must be at least age 18 or a high school senior.