Members of the Art League of Germantown pursue both fine arts and fine crafts. We constantly renew our creative energy by sharing our new work and ideas with each other.

Featured Artist

Lynne Oakes
Fine Artist - Instructor

"Sunset Reflections"
"Outdoor Glory Days"
"The Pleasure of Your Company"

ALOG Artists

Matt Baker
Anne Boyer
Virginia Chandler
Perry Kapsch
John Duke
Michele Foshee
Carol Moore
Julio Sotomarino
Martin Slater
Pat Bacon
Carol Purcell
Fran Asbeck
Thom Germer
Jim Hormuth
Linda Thompson
Michele McCarthy
Susan Schwarz
Sheryl Winans
Leigh Partington
Dorothy Piels
Bill Cummings
Craig Higgins
Dorothy Piel
Ruth Sentelle
Laurie Hartman
Jeanne Sullivan
Marge Wasson
Lisa Zuckerman
Noelie Angevine
Dikki VanHelsland
Mau-Don Nuyen
Jaree Donnelly
Kay Stratman
David McKeon
Pat Choquette
Roxana Rojas-Luzon
Astrid Adler
Richardene Thweatt
Amy Lance
Michele Welch
Farideh Rezvani
Donna Shields
Bill Mapes
Valerie Haber
Deb Cohan